Këshilla Për Ruajtjen E Higjienës Orale Gjatë Pushimeve Të Verës

When summertime comes we only think about holidays and the amazing time we will have relaxing by the beach. Although this is the best time to rest and forget about your obligations it is important to not forget to take care of your health, including your oral one.  We know that the change in timetables, […]

Dentistët Apo Ortodontët? Kur Duhet Të Vizitoni Kë?

Most of you know what a dentist does and why it is important to set an appointment at least twice a year for regular checkups and cleanings, but do you know why it is important to have an appointment with an orthodontist? What are the main differences between these two dental professionals and what treatments […]

Si Të Ruani Rezultatet Pas Zbardhjes Profesionale Të Dhëmbëve

If you’ve made the investment in professional teeth whitening at a dental clinic in Albania to get a brighter, more confident smile, you’ll want to make sure those gorgeous results last as long as possible. We at Dr. Roland Zhuka’s clinic understand how crucial it is to keep the whitening effects of your teeth intact. […]

Si Të Kujdeseni Për Maskerinat Tuaja Transparente Invisalign

If you notice that your teeth are misaligned and looking for ways to fix them, in a discrete way, then Invisalign treatment will be the right choice for you. If you have not heard of it already, this treatment will straighten your teeth with a set of clear trays that will need to be changed […]

Çfarë Është Procesi I Osteointegrimit Dhe Si Ndikon Ai Në Implantet E Mia?

Before explaining what osseointegration is we would like to talk about dental implants. As you might know, this treatment has the purpose of replacing the whole structure of the tooth including the root. It is composed of three parts including the crown, abutment, and fixture. The fixture is made from titanium because it is biocompatible […]

9 Fakte Interesante Për Implantet Dentare

Dental implants are an excellent method of replacing lost or severely damaged teeth. They consist of two elements that are meant to resemble real teeth in both appearance and functionality: a crown that is fastened to the top of a cylindrical metal post that is positioned beneath the gum line to serve as a tooth […]

Cilat Janë Zakonet Më Të Këqija Për Dhëmbët Tuaj?

Although you may brush, floss, and attend your dental visits regularly, there are other habits that can damage your teeth. You probably are aware that sugary foods can be a bad habit but there are several other habits that will also damage your teeth even though you may not notice it at first. In this […]

Shenjat Që Tregojnë Se Është Koha Për Të Zëvendësuar Fasetat

Dental veneers are dental procedures that aim to alter the appearance of your teeth. They are thin shells placed over the teeth and cover their imperfections. Although this treatment is not permanent, if you take proper care they will last for a very long time. This means you have to brush and floss them regularly […]

Turizmi Dentar Në Shqipëri Për Procedurat Estetike

It comes as no surprise that Albania is quickly becoming a thriving center for medical travel. International visitors seeking first-rate medical care at costs less than in America and Europe while taking pleasure in an amazing holiday in this wonderful nation have been drawn to this wonderful nation.  Positioned at the meeting point of the […]


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