Këshilla Për Ruajtjen E Higjienës Orale Gjatë Pushimeve Të Verës

When summertime comes we only think about holidays and the amazing time we will have relaxing by the beach. Although this is the best time to rest and forget about your obligations it is important to not forget to take care of your health, including your oral one.  We know that the change in timetables, […]

Turizmi Dentar Në Shqipëri Për Procedurat Estetike

It comes as no surprise that Albania is quickly becoming a thriving center for medical travel. International visitors seeking first-rate medical care at costs less than in America and Europe while taking pleasure in an amazing holiday in this wonderful nation have been drawn to this wonderful nation.  Positioned at the meeting point of the […]

Avantazhet e Implanteve Zigomatike dhe Pterigoide

The best dentist in Albania specialized in performing zygomatic and pterygoid implant surgery

Zygomatic and pterygoid are a type of dental implants that are usually used in patients that do not have a sufficient bone or the quality of it is not very durable. They are longer due to the fact that they need to be placed in the cheekbone area, unlike traditional implants. Furthermore, we will explain […]

5 Trajtimet Më Të Mira Të Stomatologjisë Estetike Në Shqipëri

Foreign patient undergoing dental treatments at the best clinic in Albania.

The first thing that people notice about you will most likely be your smile so this is why it’s not a surprise that people are always searching for new ways and treatments to improve their teeth. Nowadays there are a lot of cosmetic dental procedures that can fix missing, decayed, and damaged teeth to make […]

Kostoja E Turizmit Dentar Në Shqipëri: Paketat Më Të Mira Të 2024

The trend of dental tourism has grown a lot during the last few years and this is because the costs have lowered, the accessibility of the country, and the quality of the treatments is high. One country that has emerged in this field is Albania. Nestled in the heart of Europe with stunning landscapes, Albania […]

10 Arsyet Pse Pacientët Italianë Zgjedhin Turizmin Dentar Në Shqipëri

Every year, millions of people travel overseas to receive the best dental treatment. The low costs are the key and most important factor in their decision to choose other nations over their own. Dental care is not covered in the majority of Western European nations if not all of them. Naturally, this forces people from […]

6 Lloje Të Implanteve Dentare Të Cilat Duhet T'i Keni Parasysh

klinika dentare me e mire ne Shqiperi

Dental implants have gained a lot of popularity in the dental field. There are several types of implants and they are all designed to meet the specific needs of each patient. In this article, we will mention some of the most common dental implants used today which are: All-On-4, All-On-6, All-On-8, Zygomatic, Pterygoid, and Transnasal […]

Këshilla Për Turizmin Dentar Në Shqipëri

Image illustrating dental tourism in Albania.

The trend of dental tourism in Albania is growing, which is not surprising given how interested people are in knowing more about it—especially when it comes to the potential financial savings. If you are considering traveling to Albania for dental care, you may be wondering what to prepare for and what to expect from it. […]

10 Arsye Pse Duhet Të Konsideroni Turizmin Dentar Në Shqipëri

Image illustrating dental tourism in Albania.

During the last few years, Albania has become very popular in the field of dental tourism and there are several reasons why this has happened. While dental care in the world has become expensive, Albania has lowered the prices making it affordable for everyone without compromising the quality. Another factor that makes this country a […]

Cili Është Opsioni Më I Mirë: Implantet Dentare Apo Fasetat E Porcelanit?

Image illustrating dental implants in Albania for tooth replacement.

Choosing the right procedure to fix missing teeth can be difficult and painful. Dental implants and veneers are both procedures used to treat several issues in our mouths. Selecting the best dental treatment for a fractured tooth might be challenging given the choice between veneers and dental implants. Check out our blog post on dental […]


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