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Zirconia and E-Max crowns in Albania are ideal for patients who have broken, weak or misshapen teeth. These crown guarantee support, strength and longevity thanks to their durable and biocompatible materials.

Dr. Roland Zhuka is a well-known implantologist, specialized in advanced implantology in Rome, Italy. The doctor has also successfully completed other specializations in the US, Lisbon, and Berlin. All treatments can be done under Conscious sedation or total anesthesia since our dental clinic is located inside the best Private Hospital in the Balkans.

Zirconia and E-Max Crowns Tirana, Albania

When talking about the materials the crowns are made of, there exist several options, among which the most commonly used ones are ceramic and metal. Another option now available in Albania is a zirconia crown – made from zirconium dioxide, an enduring ceramic material.

Which are the benefits of zirconia crowns?

Crowns made of zirconia are now commonly used by most people, and the reasons why most people choose them are listed below:

  • Strength

The biggest benefit of zirconia is its strength and longevity. The crowns need to be made of strong material, so zirconia is probably one of the best choices for crowns in the back of your mouth.

  • Longevity

Research has shown that zirconia-based crowns prosper just as much as metal-based crowns over the course of five years.

  • Biocompatibility

Zirconia is one of the most accepted materials from the body, so it is less likely for the body to react to it and provoke a reaction like inflammation.

  • Same-day procedure

In most cases, zirconia crowns are made without the need for impressions. The gluing of the crowns is finished in one single visit.

Best zirconia crowns in Albania

Disadvantages of zirconia crowns

Like other procedures, hand in hand with the benefits go the disadvantages or the cons:

  • Hard to match

Although they have proved to be durable, the zirconia crown’s material isn’t easy to match your real teeth. It requires coating it in other materials blends for it to have a naturally-looking effect.

  • Potential wear on other teeth

Another disadvantage most dentists are afraid of using zirconia crowns is the fact that in certain circumstances, the firmness of the zirconia crowns could deteriorate on the antagonistic teeth.

Zirconia crown infused with porcelain

Adding to the above fact that zirconia crowns are hard to match to real teeth, due to the material’s opacity, dentists prefer to layer porcelain on top of zirconia when making the crown.

A layer of porcelain added to the zirconia crown gives the tooth a more natural-looking appearance and can easily match the surrounding teeth.

Studies have also shown that the porcelain might even make the crown more likely to slice or delaminate (separate into layers). That is something worth mentioning.

What’s the procedure for zirconia crowns?

There exist two main types of procedures for dental crown installment. The preparation of the tooth and the installation of the temporary crown can be made during the first visit, whilst the cement of the permanent into your mouth can be done during the second one.

The other way is, having the same-day procedure. This is an option that only is possible for clinics that have the appropriate technology and equipment, like ours.

Best quality zirconia crowns in Albania

Two-visit procedure

The steps for it are:

  • Step one: X-rays of your mouth taken
  • Step two: Removal of the outer layer of the tooth
  • Step three: Impression of your tooth
  • Step four: A temporary crown installment
  • Step five: Crown made from the impressions
  • Step six: The crown cementation to the tooth

Same-day installation

During this procedure, the dentist will:

  • Examine you mouth
  • Take digital pictures
  • Prepare the tooth for the procedure
  • Administering local anesthetic
  • Using a digital scan to create a crown in the office
  • Cement the crown into place

The best zirconia crown results in Tirana Albania

Different types of zirconia crowns

Zirconium dental crowns have been used in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. They can be used in reinforcing a cracked or broken tooth, mask stained and misshapen teeth, or restore a full dental implant. 

Monolithic zirconium crowns

This kind of dental ceramic contains zirconium oxide, which makes it virtually unbreakable. It is a type of ceramic that resists chips, breaks, and stains. It can be color matched to the real teeth. However, they have an ugly opacity which makes them preferable for the back of the mouth.

They are cad cam milled and can be created from digital files with the help of giant machines. However, only certain large production laboratories have these expensive milling machines. The only crown which comes close to the strength of which one is the gold crown.

Layered zirconium crowns

As noted in their name, layered zirconium crowns are made of layered lithium disilicate ceramic on top of the coping. Their realistic translucence makes them perfect to be inserted in the front of the mouth.

They have bulky bodies that overlap with the paper-thin layers of fragile porcelain. The cap’s influence and strength depend on the way the ceramist fabricates it.

Best affordable zirconia crowns in Albania

Which type of zirconia crowns is the best option for me?

To define the right type for you should be considered different factors, as per below:

  • The position in the mouth
  • The condition
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your budget
  • The material

Why visit us?

Cosmetic dentistry offers you a lot of choices. However, not all clinics can offer you what you’d like, and ours is one of those that can. We have the right professionals who have yearly experience and hours of training when it comes to dental prosthetics.

If you are looking for restorations, make sure to give us a call and set a time and day for a visit to our clinic. We serve patients in Tirana, Albania, but not only. We are open to anybody and we treat every case in a particular way.

Zirconium crowns vs E-Max crown

Zirconia crowns differently from E-Max (also known as Lithium Disilicate) are more solid, stronger, and have longer endurance. Additionally, zirconia maintains its anatomical shape. E-Max is a material that has less solidness and it is mostly designed for maximum aesthetics and cosmetic purposes of the front teeth.

When preparing a zirconia crown, the dentist will save more of the patient’s natural teeth, seeing as zircon is an extremely strong and thin material. This also makes the process easier.

Lastly, zirconia “loses” against E-Max when it comes to translucence. Zircon is not a translucent material, while E-Max is one, which means in easier words that E-Max makes teeth look very natural.

Amazing zirconia crown results in Albania

What is the longevity of zirconia crowns?

These types of crowns are relatively new to the dentistry field compared to other types of crowns, which as a result makes their longevity studies, unavailable. It is said that their longevity is about 20 years. However, do note that longevity depends heavily on the patient’s oral and overall health.

What are the prices of zirconia crowns in Albania?

Generally, dental crowns can be very pricey. As acknowledged, zirconia crowns being new to the field have the highest price compared to other dental crowns such as ceramic, metal, and porcelain. 

That does change in Albania. Due to low taxes and salaries, you can get dentary services much cheaper in Albania, so do not hesitate to give us a call and set an appointment.

About Dr. Roland Zhuka

Dr. Roland Zhuka is a well-known implantologist, specialized in advanced implantology in Rome, Italy. The doctor has also successfully completed other specializations in the US, Lisbon, and Berlin,

What are E-Max crowns made of?

Modern-day technology advancements have made it possible for dental crowns to last up to a decade. Any time you’re getting something that’s going to last you so long, you want to carefully choose it. After all, it is well understood that you need a crown that will meet your needs and wants while showing off your smile that looks just as good as with natural teeth.

E-Max crowns are made of a ceramic material that has incredible endurance. Traditional porcelain crowns we all know are about as natural teeth, but E-Max crowns last longer. They have a lower chance of cracking or breaking. When you pay the right attention to them and take care of them as you should, they might even last for decades or a lifetime. Due to their slightly translucent material, E-Max crowns have a more natural-looking to them compared to traditional porcelain crowns. Furthermore, they can be dyed in accordance with your real teeth. In other words, even close up, nobody would be able to tell your E-Max crown isn’t real.

Best e-max crowns in Albania

What are some of the E-Max crowns pros?

E-Max crowns have several benefits compared to their competitors, making them an ideal crown choice:

  • Natural-looking:

E-Max partial translucence gives your teeth the natural look because they have the same material as natural teeth. E-Max crowns are the right choice when it comes to front teeth because they are also aesthetically looking.

  • Durability:

Different from porcelain fused metal, E-Max crowns do not have any metal underneath the ceramic which might make them look fake. Adding in, they have also a high endurance, resisting longer than any of their competitors.

  • Perfect shape:

One of the advantages of E-Max crowns is that they can easily be fabricated by CAD-CAM milling. CAD-CAM milling is a procedure that gives crowns a perfect shape and size that matched the natural teeth of a patient.

  • Conservation of the natural tooth structure:

For your oral health to be better, you must have a good natural teeth structure. E-Max does exactly that- due to its resistance to cracking, it helps save a huge part of the natural tooth.

  • Multiple options:

With the E-Max system, lots o options are available, like veneers, inlays, onlays, overlays, and short-span bridges.

Best e-max crowns in Tirana Albania

Which are the disadvantages of E-max crowns?

Even though E-Max has some great characteristics, which make it a popular choice for dentists and patients, there exist a few disadvantages you should know before deciding on getting them or not:

  • High prices:

The looks and endurance you gain from E-Max crowns come with a monetary cost.

  • Not fitting for posterior teeth:

Fractures caused by E-Max crowns are rare but not impossible when trying to fit them on biting surfaces. The reason is that they are too thin. They are more possible for front teeth because that way they cannot be used for hard biting. A key factor in the crown’s strength is its thickness. The thicker the crown, the better it copes with the biting forces.

  • Not suitable for dark teeth:

E-Max crowns are more translucent than zirconia, which makes them look even more natural. Nonetheless, if your real teeth are more on the darker side when it comes to their natural color, E-Max crowns aren’t the best choice.

  • Suitable for small bridges only:

E-Max crowns are only applicable to one tooth, they cannot withstand forces when replacing more than one tooth.

What is the E-Max crown fitting procedure?

The whole procedure depends on the severity of your tooth’s condition. However, the following are the steps, typically:

  • Step one: Examination and teeth cleansing.
  • Step two: Reshaping the teeth, thanks to a small drill, so the crown can fit onto them.
  • Step three: Removing a part of the tooth, depending on the level damaging or staining.
  • Step four: Take a digital impression of your teeth, thanks to a mold filled with dental putty.
  • Step five: Temporary crown, which is worn for two to three weeks, until the new one is ready.

Amazing e-max crown results in Albania

Who can benefit from E-Max caps?

E-Max, as mentioned, can strengthen existing teeth and improve aesthetics. People with stained teeth, crooked teeth, and anyone who needs a crown can benefit from them:

  • Stained teeth:

If you have stained teeth, then, E-Max crowns and veneers are the best solutions for you. The E-Max material can protect your teeth from stains caused by acidic foods and drinks.

  • Crooked teeth:

Oftentimes, the anterior teeth or the canine ones are crooked, that’s where the E-Max crowns come in handy to correct them.

  • Post-root canal:

Root canal procedures leave teeth very fragile. The restoration of these weakened teeth can be done thanks to E-Max crowns.

  • Fractured teeth:

Accidents and trauma can cause fractured or chipped teeth, which can be restored with E-Max crowns by providing support and solidifying the broken teeth.

How are E-Max crowns prepared?

E-Max crowns can be prepared whether in a dental lab or the office. When you decide on a same-day crown, E-Max crowns can be quickly done in the dental office. Below are the steps your dentist follows:

  • Preparation of the teeth: remove a thin layer of the natural tooth.
  • Digital impression: of your teeth using an intraoral camera.
  • Transmission of the impression: to the computer that controls the milling procedure.
  • Matching the shade of the crown: with the natural teeth.
  • Producing the shape of prostheses: with the help of the milling machine.
  • Fitting the crown on your tooth: making adjustments if needed.

This whole procedure can happen in the same appointment, taking approximately one to two hours. There is no waiting period for the permanent crown, no several appointments, and no need for a temporary crown.

Best affordable e-max crowns in Albania

How do E-Max crowns change from zirconia crowns?

E-Max crowns are an all-ceramic crown system. Despite not being porcelain crowns, the fact that they are settled on top of the teeth gives them the translucent look. A technique that gives it the natural look that matches the real teeth. The material is chip-resistant and it also provides enough strength so that the weak teeth can resist breaking or cracking.

Zirconia crowns, on the other hand, despite being used by dentists more than commonly, aren’t as aesthetically appealing or as strong as E-Max crowns. In simpler words, zirconia crowns aren’t a bad choice, but if you would like more natural-looking teeth that also provide the strength to chew, the best choice would be E-Max crowns.

The disadvantage the E-Max crowns have compared to zirconia crowns is the price, they have a much higher price.

How strong are E-Max crowns and what’s their longevity?

When choosing the material for your dental crowns, strength is one of the most important factors to be considered. E-Max crown offers you the best possibility by having a lifespan of ten or more years.

Seeing as they are made of a tough lithium disilicate material, there are no joints in the construction and the crown can support any type of maximum strength. The chances of chipping or breaking this type of crown are very slim and close to none. Compared to other crown materials, the compression strength of an E-Max is much higher.

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Frequently asked Questions

Yes. Zirconia is a material that does not cause allergic reactions and it does not contain any metals.

No. Due to its material and not containing metal, zirconia in no way changes the way you taste or oral malodor.

Zirconia does not lead to plaque accumulation because of its smooth and lubricious surface. Consequently, it is not affected by colorants like coffee, tea, or cigarettes.

Zirconium teeth need about the same oral hygiene as real teeth do. They should be brushed twice a day, and flossed after every meal. Superfloss is used instead of dental floss in areas without teeth. Precautions can be taken and problems can be prevented if you go to the dentist for regular checkups every six months.

The trimming process is performed under the influence of local anesthesia and after that tingling because of hot or cold is prevented by temporary crowns. Normally, the process is completed with no problems.

Treatment depends on the patients and their oral health. For patients whose gums are healthy, the treatment takes one week. During this time there are done several try-on sessions to decide if the patient likes or not the result.

The crowns can only fall off if there is a lot of material loss in the tooth over time due to tooth decay. In cases like that, the tooth is treated if possible and the crown is cemented back.

Firstly, gum disease needs to be treated. After the treatment, the application of zirconia crowns is possible.

Yes. Zirconia crowns are tissue compatible. The gingivitis’ discoloration from pink to purple which is part of the metal-based prostheses, never happens here. Also, zirconium crowns do not cause gum recession.

No. Just like regular teeth, E-Max crowns are open to getting stained over time due to being exposed to wine, coffee, or smoking. However, the stains cannot be cleaned by flossing or brushing them regularly. The only way for them to be whitened would be to rebuild them and get them done again.

For the many benefits, mentioned above, yes. E-Max crowns are the best choice when it comes to dental crowns. They are durable, look natural, feel natural, and require minimal removal of tooth structure.

Our clinic offers you more than a simple appointment or an easy dental crown placement. We are here to give you the information you need while examining what the best option would be for you. We are here to give you the homey environment, the support, and the insurance you need. We are next to you with the best high-quality services, professional team, advanced technologies, and packages that make high dental crowns prices drop to affordable.

Our goal is for the procedures to be easy on you, without any discomfort or pain, but also for the endurance to be long and why not, a lifetime. So, do not wait to contact us and set an appointment date and time, we are here for you at any time and any day!

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