Bone Grafting procedure in Tirana, Albania

Bone grafting in Albania is a surgical dental procedure that makes use of transplanted bone to repair and rebuild diseased or damaged bones. This procedure can be ideal for patients who don’t have a sufficient amount of bone in their jaw to support dental implants.

Dr. Roland Zhuka is a well-known implantologist, specialized in advanced implantology in Rome, Italy. The doctor has also successfully completed other specializations in the US, Lisbon, and Berlin. All treatments can be done under Conscious sedation or total anesthesia since our dental clinic is located inside the best Private Hospital in the Balkans.

Bone Grafting in Tirana, Albania

In Albania are now offered exceptional modern-day bone grafts. Only when choosing the right aid and the right case is the result most functional and aesthetically pleasing. At our clinic, you will feel most welcomed and comfortable.

Our staff welcomes you with typical Albanian hospitality and with a warm smile of our own. Thanks to not only our experience but also the training we participate in, we have a huge knowledge of dentistry. At our clinic, we also use the sinus lift procedure to provide you with the quickest and easiest result.

Our team administers the most contemporary methods of dental treatments in Albania. At the same time, our clinic gives you the best quality and the most low-cost prices in Europe. Bone graft surgery is an unusual procedure, and that’s the reason why you should carefully choose your clinic and your dentist. Our team offers you not only general dental services but also specialized dental, periodontal and surgical services. 

Best bone grafting procedure in Albania



What exactly is a dental bone graft?

Dental bone grafts are parts of the bones in the mouth or body (such as the skull, pelvic crest, or tibia) that are taken and used to repair defective bones in the jaws. Generally, our staff always tries to take the implant through the mouth (be it upper or lower jaw) and to supplement the amount, if incomplete, with implants similar in structure to human bone, simultaneously functional and esthetic results, without the risk of rejection. Being heavier, the out-of-mouth transplants are only preferred when a large portion of bone is missing.

Our oral and maxillofacial surgeon can repair large gaps of soft and hard tissues with implants he takes from other parts of the body and puts wherever the lack is with the help of a microscope and with great results. Due to years of experience in intraoral reconstructive surgery, he can achieve placing the appropriate implant in areas with diminished or low bone and create stable support for the patient’s dental restoration. With the correct design, the bones can be placed quickly and result in immediate improvement in chewing and speech.

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How does the bone graft work?

The main goal of bone grafts and directed tissue regeneration besides replacing the lost bone with a foreign implant is helping the body rebuild its bone to replace the lost part of the jawbone.

The bone graft itself is the skeleton on which the new bone is built and emplaced into. Normally, our bodies gradually decompose the bone graft and with their building materials create a new bone of their own.

Directed tissue regeneration is achieved by using a peculiar membrane that isolates the zone where the bone is created. Meanwhile, the substances which it is saturated with play the role of activators of bone formation, aiding and accelerating the natural process.

About Dr. Roland Zhuka

Dr. Roland Zhuka is a well-known implantologist, specialized in advanced implantology in Rome, Italy. The doctor has also successfully completed other specializations in the US, Lisbon, and Berlin,

Who needs bone grafting/ When does it become a necessity?

Whoever has bone loss in their jaw has the necessity of a dental bone graft. The process of bone grafting is an absolute necessity when you are:

  • Having a tooth extracted.
  • Needing to rebuild the jaw before getting dentures.
  • Have areas of bone loss due to periodontal disease.

To be acknowledged: a bone graft is a routine procedure for stabilizing bone tissue in the jaw. The process includes: making a small hole in the patient’s jaw to hold the implant, which is a small titanium member that anchors the denture in place. For this procedure to be complete, the bones in the jaw should be wide and firm, enough to hold the implant still.

Bone grafting is normally recommended when the patient has had a jaw injury or has a tooth decayed. In such cases, the bone tissues may have been lost as a result of atrophy and absorption. When the jaw bone is atrophied or not strong enough, the pressure applied on the jaw by repetitive chewing can develop into a damaged dental implant and increase the risk of dental implant failure.

Your dentist will suggest the idea of a bone graft whenever he thinks that there are not enough bone tissues to support dental implants. Depending on the severity of the natural jaw injury, some patients might even be candidates for synthetic bone graft material.

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Which are the types of bone grafts?

When talking about bone grafting you should know that there exist four different types of bone grafts:

  • Autografts- which are the ones that use bone issues obtained from the patient’s body.
  • Allografts- which come from another human donor.
  • Xenografts- which use inorganic parts of animal bones.
  • Alloplasts- which are made from hydroxyapatite (a bone mineral mixed with materials such as calcium).

What does the bone graft procedure include?

Bone graft is what they call a daily routine at our clinic.

Before the surgery, we apply intravenous anesthesia to prevent any pain. Our dentists clean the area in which the surgery will be performed and make an incision through the gum tissue to expose the area to the bone system. A piece of bone tissue or a piece of compounded bone tissue is placed between the two parts of the bone that needs to be joined.

Please do note that:

  1. The healing process requires 3 to 6 months, for the ossification to be complete.
  2. The dental implant can only be placed in the second year and the healing process takes several weeks to allow the jaw bone to regenerate.

At our clinic, we make it possible to keep losing dental implants to a minimum. That is precisely why we follow dental protocols and practices from the best dentists around the world.

Best bone grafting procedure in Tirana Albania

What happens postoperatively- after getting bone grafts?

Despite being time-consuming, bone grafts are a crucial part and a necessity for any implantology process. The following of the surgery is accompanied by discomfort, swelling, or bruising of the gums or skin and minor bleeding.

Nevertheless, these common side effects are quickly dropped. Adding to these you should also know that there are dietary restrictions to be followed, such as eating only soft food while healing, after every stage of bone grafting or implantation.

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Dental Clinic Staff of Dr. Roland Zhuka

Frequently asked Questions

In our clinic you can find the most contemporary methods, we offer much more than just the usual tissue replacement. We restore the function of the teeth and the mouth in the most natural way possible, giving it also the esthetic views of it.

Our older patients are the biggest example of the qualities we offer and bring to market. Their satisfaction is what pushes us on doing better and being better.

When visiting our clinic, even for a regular check-up or to go through the whole implantation process we make sure to take care of your needs while listening to what you have to say, your requirements, and your desires, we hear you and hear your ideas.

All our respect toward you and your wishes goes in hand with our high-quality techniques and the latest developed equipment. We are armed with everything needed to satisfy you and your dental needs, from simple dental procedures to complete oral restoration.

We put the patients’ needs over everything. We aim to please you.

Please note: smoking and poor oral hygiene can increase the risk of the bone graft getting infected.

This is the main reason why you must follow every instruction given to you by our specialized team regarding the part of implants and bone regeneration.

Last but not least, the body could reject the bone graft, refusing to dismantle it. In these cases, we need to clean it and not leave anything behind for the body to heal the wound completely. Then it is needed to use a different bone reshaping technique can be accepted by the body, if there is not enough bone to place an implant.

The answer is yes. There is a membrane- a sterile bandage- which holds the bone particles in the jaw. If this area is touched and the membrane gets lifted, the particles can come out, which would cause the removal of the bone graft from its place.

When doing bone grafts, the pain is little to nothing. Other than your gums feeling a little bruised, do believe us when we say it is less painful than an extraction.

There are no extreme dietary restrictions when it comes to bone grafting. However, it is recommendable that you use the opposite side of the grafted area for three to four weeks, as well as to avoid hard and hot foods.

Bone grafting is 100% safe. It exists close to no potential rejection of the graft. Even the infection is very unlikely. To prevent it, antibiotics are given for seven days.

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