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All on 8 dental implants are used to replace the upper or lower teeth. The treatment consists of a fixed bridge supported by 8 dental implants placed in the jaw evenly. All on 8 implants are an ideal treatment for patients who need a complete replacement for their missing teeth.

Dr. Roland Zhuka is a well-known implantologist, specialized in advanced implantology in Rome, Italy. The doctor has also successfully completed other specializations in the US, Lisbon, and Berlin. All treatments can be done under Conscious sedation or total anesthesia since our dental clinic is located inside the best Private Hospital in the Balkans.

All on 8 Dental Implants in Tirana, Albania

As known by most people, dental implants can have high prices. In most countries, prices vary according to lifestyle and salaries, as they do also in Albania. But considering the fact that the taxes and wages are low in Albania, so are the prices.

However, in no way does this mean the quality is also low. Matter of fact, we offer the best dental services at affordable prices. In other words, you can save yourself money and still have the best results.

The best all on 8 dental implants in Albania

But, what are All On 8 implants and how do they work?

All On 8 procedure, differently from the others, is used for cosmetic reasons only- for those who need a complete replacement for their missing teeth. Those who have a problem with their jawbone or are suffering from it, are not the right candidates for this procedure. As a procedure, it is similar to the All On 4 method. Differently from it though, the prosthesis is supported by eight dental implants and not four. It is a method that mostly works for patients who have passed a kind of injury or condition. 

The best and safest materials that dentists use for the All On 8 implants are porcelain or zirconia bridges. That is because of the short distance between the dental implants on an arch. Adversely to All On 4 implants, the All On 8 causes less occlusal stress as a result of chewing. 

To be noted: a 3D dental tomography should be taken so your dentist can determine if you require bone grafting or sinus lift augmentation before having the placement of implants.

Best affordable all on 8 dental implants in Albania

Do implants All On 8 have any pros?

When talking about the benefits of the All On 8 dental implants, it is worth mentioning that they have a lifetime warranty and the natural look they give you. Every procedure we use has its benefits, yet, All On 8 is the procedure most people use when they discover the benefits that come from it. Some of them being:

  • The natural look they give
  • The chewing forces
  • Fixed prosthetics for edentulous jaws
  • Preventing bone loss of edentulous jaws
  • Fast recovery

About Dr. Roland Zhuka

Dr. Roland Zhuka is a well-known implantologist, specialized in advanced implantology in Rome, Italy. The doctor has also successfully completed other specializations in the US, Lisbon, and Berlin,

How does the All On 8 procedure work?

Once you decide that All On 8 is the right choice for you, you should learn how the procedure works. While learning how it works you can assure yourself of its benefits and take the right measures before entering the surgery. It has been proved that knowing the procedure by its details is more helpful. There are steps to be followed in the All On 8 procedure:

First step: Consultation

The first step, as per every other dental implant, includes having a consultation with your dentist. Subsequently, take the x-rays and diagnostic scans, to be able to verify the medical care of the jawbone and if the procedure is accessible, otherwise you’ll have to undergo a bone graft.

Second step: Placement

The second step is the moment you undergo the surgery. It is the moment during which the implants are inserted into your mouth. The treatment lasts two to four hours and after it’s done, a provisional prosthesis will be directly attached settling the final step of the procedure. 

Third step: Recovery time

Lastly, the step of the treatment is recovery time. The recovery period is three months and in those three months, your gums and bones change to make the right adjustments to the implants. After the osseointegration is done, the staff will take digital impressions to fabricate the permanent prosthesis. That is the last step.

Amazing all on 8 dental implants results in Albania

Are you the right candidate for All-on-8 implants?

The candidates best having the opportunity of this procedure are the ones who are missing most or all of their teeth, their teeth with the whole set of the upper or lower arch, and despite having an adequate bone as a high suggestion for dental implant placement, these procedures do not require a bone graft. As a result of studies, it has become a known fact that smokers or users of tobacco products or those suffering from periodontal disease can not be eligible for an All On 8 implant.

Some of the most important reasons people want All On 8 implants are:

  • A smile recovery
  • A full mouth reconstruction
  • Not enough jawbones in their mouth (ordinary implants would be needing a high bone density)

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Dental Clinic Staff of Dr. Roland Zhuka

Frequently asked Questions

Choosing the All On 8 treatment is one of the most natural-looking procedures. The technique used for the implants gives you a natural look, while also giving you the real teeth feeling. Keep in mind: it is all permanent. So far, it is undoubtedly the procedure that most makes your teeth look natural and people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference with real teeth.

Quite easily the difference between all these procedures is found in their names themselves. Each name describes the number of implants used which are inserted on the upper and the lower jaws. Nonetheless, the main difference is the fact that the more implants you have, the better the distribution of the chewing forces and the teeth’ stability.

What you should be noting is that dental surgery automatically means physical trauma to the gums and the jaw. However, in no way does this mean that the procedure is hurtful, seeing as local and general anesthesia are used in the area the surgery will be done.

As per normal teeth, when taking care of the implants you should be using the same routine and be careful. It is a necessity to brush your teeth twice a day, but differently from real teeth where you can use normal flossing, in this case, you should use water-floss devices that can clean underneath the bridge.

Because we are with you at every step. We have our full attention and we make sure to give you the best dental services, no matter the age, the city you come from, the country you come from, the language you speak, or the severity of your condition.

Our main goal is to understand everything about your oral health and give you the options to choose between our treatment choices. Be sure that we are focused on your dental needs and that we have a dental service for each need. We provide you with affordable treatment plans, and we give you packages that suit you. We give you transparent options and easy accessibility, depending on your status and criteria.

We have been in your service for many years, years which have helped us gain experience and serve you better throughout them. Learning has been our biggest success. We have learned through training and experience, trial and error, you. We have mostly learned from you. 

Our staff is professional, and homey and put safety rules above everything. All things which will help you feel safe, protected, and in the right hands when it comes to implants, but still comfortable and at ease.

Dental implants will take their time to fuse to the bone and osseointegrate with the jawbone to finally bond to it for good. Experience has shown that it will normally need three to a maximum of six months for it to be completely healed.

As with every surgery that happens in your body and more specifically in your mouth, some indicators shall be respected in order not to hurt yourself or cause you bigger problems. Food that should generally be avoided is hard foods, tough food, spicy food, chewy foods, and sticky foods. What you should focus on is eating soups or broths, mashed potatoes, dairy products, oatmeal, soft fruits, eggs, and maybe baby food.

The longevity of your dental implants, like that of natural teeth, depends on your oral hygiene. You should be informed that for them to last longer you should brush them, floss, and have regular dental check-ups every six months. This makes possible for the implant screw to last longer. However, please also note that the crown only lasts ten to fifteen years before needing a replacement, so you should keep that in mind.

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