10 Reasons Why Italian Patients Choose Dental Tourism In Albania

Traveling to Albania for the best dental care.

Every year, millions of people travel overseas to receive the best dental treatment. The low costs are the key and most important factor in their decision to choose other nations over their own. Dental care is not covered in the majority of Western European nations if not all of them. Naturally, this forces people from Western Europe to choose Eastern European nations like Albania, where the same services are available at a lower price.

Despite the fact that figures on dentistry tourism differ, the majority of experts believe that the number of persons traveling offshore nations to have dental procedures is exceptionally high. An average of 50,000 people choose dental tourism in Albania each year for procedures like veneers, crowns, or cosmetic implants, according to recent surveys. 

What Is Dental Tourism?

One area of medical tourism that is expanding quickly is dental tourism. It basically focuses on individuals who go to other nations in order to receive dental care at a reduced cost, sometimes integrating it with their vacation experiences. Dental tourism is expanding by 15% a year in Europe as a result of greater international connectivity and increased market competition. In case you are one of those who choose to receive necessary dental treatment abroad on your vacation, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Many people in the USA and Europe are struggling to pay for necessary dental treatment due to rising dental prices, particularly for more involved procedures. This is the primary cause of individuals choosing to have their vacations in locations that provide them with dental treatments of the same quality but at reduced costs. 

The distinctive tourist experience that our location offers is an additional reason for choosing to have your dental needs taken care of elsewhere. Dental tourism has grown significantly in part because the practitioners and businesses that provide these treatments recognized the opportunity to create affordable travel packages that combine top-notch dental care with a tour of the nation. This worked out to be a win-win situation since individuals like having the opportunity to go to and see other countries while still receiving professional dental care.

Why Dental Care In Albania?

The best clinics in Tirana for dental care.

The number of patients choosing Albania for their dental procedures has increased a lot during the last few years and it keeps increasing as days go by. A lot of patients coming from the neighboring country, Italy have found Albania as the right place to receive cheap dental treatments without compromising the quality. Not only they will receive the best care but they will also have the possibility to visit tourist attractions that Albania has to offer, which are a lot. 

The most common procedures requested by patients traveling from Italy are veneers, braces, zirconia, E-Max crowns, tooth whitening, and all-on-4 implants. However, Albania continues to be the top destination for dental tourists due to the high expense of dental care in their home countries.

High-Quality Dental Treatment At Low Costs

Albania has emerged a lot during the last few years when it comes to dental tourism due to the fact that it provides high-quality treatment at low prices. Choosing to come to this country may reduce the costs by up to 90%. At Dr. Roland Zhuka’s dental clinic, we offer you a team of professionals to deal with every dental issue you may be facing. 

You don’t have to rely solely on our word, but you can do your online research. On our website, you can take a look at the most relevant information and you can ask any question you might have. During the consultation, the dentist will also offer an approximate price to keep you aware of what you might expect. 

Low Travel Expenses

Even if it has been said several times already, it is important to emphasize that the cost-effectiveness of the entire treatment should be the first factor taken into account when selecting a foreign nation for dental tourism. There is a misconception that treatment costs would increase significantly when travel and lodging charges are included. Nowadays it is much easier to find cheap tickets that will make it easier for you to travel in Albania. 

Economical And Reliable Service

The fact that you pay a lot less money in Albania than in other countries is undeniable. This comes due to the fact that in this country the whole living situation is much more affordable. But even though you pay less than 50% of the price that you would pay in other countries you will get high-quality treatments. It is better that you come to see it yourself and since Italy is not very far the trip will not take you a long time. 

No Waiting Time

The minimal waiting time that dental clinics in Albania offer is another benefit that our dental tourism has to offer for patients coming from Italy. Every patient who has been in Albania for their dental treatments can agree to this. There is no need to wait for a couple of months to schedule your appointment especially because dental procedures can evolve quickly and if they evolve the treatment can be more difficult and need extra time. In Albania, the doctors are very correct and will be at your disposal to treat every issue you might have. And to make it much easier for clients coming from Italy you can also schedule your dental appointment with our clinic via email or via WhatsApp. Contact our staff and we will create a schedule that will fit us and with you also. 

Historical Locations

Historical landscapes in Albania.

Albania is known for its rich history and locations and it attracts a lot of tourists all year long. If you decide to come from Italy, you will have plenty of activities to pass your time. You can either learn about the communism and post-communism area or the Illyrians. Whatever you are looking for you can find it in Albania. We are sure that you will not get bored throughout your visit and there is plenty of stuff to see and explore. 

Sport Activities

If you participate in regular physical activity, you will be pleased to know that Albania offers a coastline that stretches for 476 km and if you choose a dental clinic located in Tirana the beach is only 45 minutes away. In addition, Albania has winter activities like hiking and rafting. Any time of year is a great time to visit Albania for outdoor activities, whether you want to go in the summer or the winter.

Albanian Cuisine

Albanian cuisine to try when you travel for dental treatments.

Most of us love a fast snack of burek. But Albanian food is much more than just this. Numerous nations and cultures have affected Albanian cuisine, and you may pick from a wide selection of dishes at the restaurants there. Should you desire spaghetti in the Italian style? Visit Pastaria. Is Mexican cuisine what you’re after? Visit Serendiville. If you’re looking for sushi? There are plenty of restaurants. The different flavors of food will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds even after leaving Albania and it is no wonder that you will request another trip. 

Professional And Experienced Dentists

There are approximately 200 dentists who are licensed to practice in Albania and several of them have years of expertise with dental implants and cosmetic dentistry which are two of the most requested fields by our Italian patients. Cosmetic dentistry is quite popular in Albania, where a large number of dentists offer reasonably priced services such as crowns, veneers, implants, and teeth whitening. Albanian clinics are able to offer implant dentistry procedures at reasonable prices because of the growing demand for this procedure and they work carefully to suit the treatment better for your specific case. 

Latest Dental Technologies And Treatments

The newest dental technologies, including laser dentistry, dental implants, and minimally invasive dental procedures, are all available in Albania. Orthodontics, periodontics, and endodontics are all offered at contemporary dental clinics in Albania to ensure that patients receive the best care available. Top-notch dental implants are provided by our qualified dentists so you don’t have to worry about a thing. In addition to bone grafting, they can employ dental implants that are set or detachable. In order to satisfy the needs and preferences of the patient, personalized implants are also provided.

Dentists And Dental Staff In Albania Are Proficient In English

Albanian dentist talking to their patient.

Not many nations have native English speakers, but in Albania, the majority of dentists and their staff are able to communicate with patients in their language. By ensuring that there are no misunderstandings, this will benefit the patient as well as the dentist. They provide several languages like English and Italian so you don’t have to worry about anything. Because Albania and Italy are so near, and because many of their patients are from Italy, there won’t be any barriers in their communication. This will soon imply that Italian patients will feel safer and better in Albanian dental offices, which will facilitate smoother communication and understanding between them.

Plan Your Visit To Albania

Every year, more and more people visit Albania in search of the most excellent, reasonably priced dental care. Planning ahead may help develop a more regulated treatment strategy. By doing this, you’ll enable yourself to receive dental care and enjoy a pleasant vacation at the same time. We would advise making an appointment for dental treatment in advance, if at all feasible. You may get better deals on accommodation and flights if you book a few months in advance because Tirana is the most visited city in Albania and offers the top dental clinics. If you schedule the appointment at the appropriate time, the length of therapy may be shortened.

Albanian dentists will take treatment time frames into account while designing dental treatments with you. Every therapy has a specific time frame. For instance, a single tooth crown may be completed in one day, while a set of veneers requires around six days to complete. This will mostly depend on the procedure, therefore you should speak with your dentist online before making travel plans. 

Visit Tirana for the best dental care.

Albanian clinics will do all in their power to have your first consultation scheduled as soon as possible giving you the chance and duration to arrange your therapy appointments during the day. You could take a holiday break in Tirana in between classes. You would undoubtedly like to return to this lovely city. 

This country has several really stunning old cities. Think of it as a week off. The patient will start therapy as soon as the plan is designed by the dentist. By scheduling your next appointment, your dentist will assist you in having a pleasant holiday. Most clinics in Albania will be ready for you when you arrive and will take advantage of the opportunity to make your stay as comfortable as possible. 


Overall, dental tourism in Albania is for everyone who is looking for the best quality treatments that will not break the bank. When compared with other countries we offer the best services without compromising the quality of them and with the best materials. Furthermore, Albania is the ideal destination for dental tourism since it is a beautiful country with an abundance of interesting tourist attractions that will definitely catch your attention.

Apart from receiving excellent dental care, tourists coming from Italy will enjoy the stunning landscapes and discover the depths of Albania’s cultural heritage. Many patients who have been treated here before have been impressed and have claimed how happy they were with the dental care they received, praising the dentists’ expertise, kindness, and professionalism. As we’ve already said, Albania should be recognized as a top dental tourism destination because of its alluring travel packages, which are fairly priced and come with top-notch dental care.

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