Why do people choose All-on-4 Dental Implants over Traditional Implants?

At Dr. Roland Zhuka’s clinic, our periodontal professionals can assess your oral health to see if you qualify for dental implants as a long-term solution for missing teeth. These implants are attached directly to the jawbone and can replicate the look and feel of natural teeth. During your initial consultation, we can also discuss the differences between traditional dental implants and All-on-4 dental implants. To book this appointment and to get more details about this permanent missing teeth solution, get in touch with our dental clinic in Albania.

What are dental implants?

We provide our patients with the best artificial tooth replacements that are known as dental implants. These implants are essentially screw-like posts that are inserted directly into the jawbone, making them a permanent solution for missing teeth. Once placed, these natural-looking replacements can help restore oral health and provide a great aesthetic appearance.

After the implants have been put in place, osseointegration is necessary in order for the bone to blend with the implants and form a secure bond. The healing process of dental implants usually takes a few months, but can take up to six months depending on the individual. The portion that is visible is made of porcelain and is made to look like the other natural teeth in the patient’s mouth.

When are dental implants needed?

When a person is experiencing severe tooth loss, a dental implant is a useful solution. At our clinic, our priority is to treat and protect natural teeth whenever possible. In certain circumstances, extracting a tooth or losing it is inevitable. In such instances, we can inform you on the best teeth replacement procedures such as All-on-4 dental implants in Albania.

Several of the most frequent reasons that lead to the loss of teeth are: trauma, illness, wound, periodontal illness, and tooth decay. In certain cases, even if some teeth can be rescued, selecting All-on-4 dental implants may be essential. These dental implants offer a permanent way to bring back a healthy smile.

Traditional dental implants vs All-on-4 implants

As opposed to traditional dental implants which necessitate two operations to be put in, All-on-4 implants present a more rapid fix. With All-on-4 implants, your entire mouth can be restored with only four implants. These implants are affixed directly to the jawbone, providing a long-term solution for your teeth reconstruction. When compared to dentures, All-on-4 implants provide a more secure treatment choice. Traditional dental implants on the other hand, may require up to eight implants to achieve the same effect as All-on-4 implants can do with only four. The All-on-4 system is simpler than traditional dental implants.

What are the benefits of All-on-4 dental implants?

In comparison to the traditional dental implant surgery, which necessitates multiple operations with a lengthy healing period in between each one, All-on-4 dental implant technique is rapid and efficient. Despite the fact that most individuals still opt for dental implants to detachable dentures due to the fact that they possess a more authentic look and are sturdier, All-on-4 provides some unique advantages. These include:

They require one single surgery

This kind of dental implant allows your dental practitioner to put in the laboratory-made roots and the prosthetic teeth all in the same visit. This means that there is no need to wait for several weeks or months between appointments in order for your jaw to heal. Additionally, the process of osseointegration, which is the union of the new tooth roots to the jawbone, does not need to be awaited.

They don’t require bone grafting

Your dentist will place the implants in the most voluminous areas of your jaw, so it is improbable that you will need to go through a bone graft before commencing the procedure. Bone grafting consists of taking some bits of bone from a different zone of your jaw and relocating them to the areas where the implants will be inserted. This is more recurrent with the classic dental implant surgery and will make the whole process last longer.

They need a shorter recovery period

Following All-on-4 dental implant placement, you can anticipate a period of recuperation that typically lasts around one week. During this time frame, you will be required to consume soft food items and may be advised to take non-prescription pain medication. Our team will go over your diet and discomfort management strategies prior to your departure from our office after your All-on-4 procedure.

They are a cost-effective solution

It is possible to keep a considerable amount of money by avoiding the need to go back for extra surgeries and follow-up visits which is usually required with the standard implant method. Moreover, prices for all-on-4 dental implants in Albania are the most competitive ones in the region. You can rest assured that you’ll receive top-notch treatment while staying on a budget.

All-on-4 dental implants: Main Points

An advanced course of action called All-on-Four dental implants can assist those with considerable bone loss to be qualified for dental implants to totally restore an edentulous grin. Through this method, the oral surgeon puts four dental implants towards the front of the jaw to uphold a denture, rather than utilizing numerous more implants for the same goal. This method utilizes the pattern of mandibular bone atrophy after tooth loss. The bone at the back of the jaw disintegrates more rapidly than that at the front.

All-on-Four is based on the same technology as traditional dental implants, which relies on osseointegration, a process of the jawbone fusing to the implant’s surface. The two outer implants in All-on-Four are placed at an angle under the gum line to provide support for the back teeth in the prosthetic arch. The main advantage of All-on-Four is that fewer implants are needed, which makes it a more available treatment option for a wider range of patients.

For those who wear dentures for a long time, they might not qualify for multiple dental implants to support them if there has been substantial bone loss and the sinuses have become enlarged. This is because there could be a greater risk of failure for the implants if there is not enough bone. The All-on-Four technique helps circumvent this problem because the four implants are positioned at the front of the jaw, where the bone tends to remain more stable.

Final words

When it comes to selecting a tooth replacement treatment, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to each option. Your decision should be based on your personal objectives, requirements, and financial situation. It’s recommended to review your dental insurance to determine what is covered for various types of oral surgery. We welcome you to book an appointment with Dr. Roland Zhuka to get more information about this procedure to decide if it is the appropriate one for you.

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