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Save up to 90% on dental implants in Albania at Dr. Roland Zhuka’s clinic- a clinic fully quality checked and fully accredited. Dr. Roland Zhuka has teamed up with the top implant dentists, bringing you the opportunity of traveling abroad to get the highest quality dental implants, at very economical prices. Using this guide we will provide you with every question you might have about why to choose Albania for your dental implants. We recommend Dr. Roland Zhuka who is regarded as the best dentist in Albania by thousands of foreign patients.

Why Are Prices Much Lower in Albania?

Dental implants in Albania are much cheaper due to the lower cost of living when compared to Western European countries; coupled with a low tax regime and an approving exchange rate of the Albanian lek compared to dollars, pounds, or euros. All these factors have a knock-on effect which makes costs for clinics much more controllable, hence the lowered prices. More specifically, the dentists’ salaries, office space rental fees, and any other operational costs are affordable compared to clinics in Milan, Rome, Paris, Munich, or London.

Why Is Albania The Right Place for Dental Implants?

For Brits, EU nationals, and Middle Eastern patients seeking affordable medical treatment, Albania is one of the most popular countries in the world, with dental care (along with hair transplants and cosmetic surgery) being one of the most desired types of treatment.

The following are some of the main reasons why dental tourism in Albania has gotten such a hype:

Lower and Economic Costs 

In Albania, it is expected to save between 70% and 90% on dental treatments. Comparatively, patients will save a considerable amount compared to countries like the United Kingdom, France, Italy, or Germany, covering the cost of a well-deserved vacation. Thus, in Albania, replacing a single tooth or even a full-mouth restoration, which includes full arches attached to 4, 6, or 8 implants per jaw, ends up costing 10 to 20 thousand less than they cost at home. 

Short Waiting Period

Once you have booked an appointment using the official site of Dr. Roland Zhuka’s clinic the treatment can start immediately, without the need for sitting around for weeks or even months. As opposed to the situation you would find in Western European countries. In Western Europe, the waiting list is always full and it takes up to three years to get an appointment and consultation. People in Western countries are forced to wait for months for time-critical dental care such as root canals to save an infected tooth. The waiting period is also quite long for simple check-ups. 

As a matter of fact, turnaround time is now measured in years, not in months. This is mainly the reason why patients are seeking private care which has high costs, or oftentimes they take matters into their own hands by using over-the-counter or self-prescribed medication. Social media has also become a solution to their problems, which we, of course, do not recommend at all. Please be careful and try to get professional help for your dental issues.

High Quality

It is imperative not to be discouraged by sensationalist “horror stories” in the press if you are considering traveling abroad for treatment. The rigorous verification process the Albanian government implements ensures that Dr. Roland Zhuka’s clinic is staffed by qualified, experienced, licensed practitioners. This includes those who can perform specialist procedures, such as dental implant surgery. Additionally, the government monitors dentists’ professional records and memberships in professional associations, such as the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, on a regular basis to ensure quality. Aside from adhering to international standards, Dr. Roland Zhuka’s clinic also adheres to regulations set by organizations like the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Free Holiday

A well-deserved holiday is made easier by easy access to Tirana, Durres, and other nearby resort towns along the Albanian Riviera, which makes this the perfect destination for tourists worldwide. As an international patient, you would maximize your savings with the low tax regime Albania offers. In addition, you would also have low salaries Albania offers, as the longest flight is only three hours from the furthest country to Albania. Add to this the fact that the exchange rate for the Albanian lek is very favorable.

Furthermore, Albania does not require any visa for European nationalities, especially if you come from an EU member state. Consequently, Albania is completely free once you decide to stay for 90 days or less. You can find any information you would like to know on the official site of the embassies in Albania, for your country.

What is the Cost of Different Types of Dental Implants in Albania

The type of treatment you opt for is the most decisive factor in determining the price of dental implants in Albania.

Types of implant treatment 

  • All On 4, All On 6, All On 8: You have probably heard of these types of dental implants. These are procedures that involve a full arch restoration. For safety reasons, Dr. Roland Zhuka uses the most reliable and secure dental implant manufacturers. Simply put, four, six, or eight dental implants (depending on the growth of your jawbone) are placed into each jawbone using surgery. Once osseointegration after three to four months is achieved, the patient must return to permanently attach a full-arch fixed bridge. Patients may choose between single or dual arch surgery. These types of restorations are known as full mouth reconstructions or comprehensive smile makeovers.
  • Dental implants (only): This type of treatment involves the placement of a small titanium post, using surgery.
  • Implant with crown and abutment: This is a two-stage treatment that involves the placement of one titanium post into the jaw. Approximately three to four months after osseointegration or fusion has been completed, an annex abutment is used to place the crown.
  • 3 On 6: In contrast to All On 4 dental implants, the 3 On 6 method involves the emplacement of 3 bridges (connected and linked in between each other), which is for a whole new set of teeth. As per their name, 3 On 6, each bridge is connected to two bridges, hence, 3 On 6.
  • Zygomatic implants: Zygomatic implants in Albania are seen as the solution for patients that do not have enough bone density. They are much longer than normal and traditional titanium implants. And unlike them, they are implanted into the zygomatic bone, not in the jaw. Zygomatic implants can often be used as a support for a full-arch fixed bridge as part of a full mouth restoration.

Finding the Best Clinic & Dentist For You

You can rely on Dr. Roland Zhuka to provide you with low-cost dental care in Albania. They have the most verified facilities and you can check everything on their official website, including publications of real patients’ pictures, before and after, reviews, and accreditations. You can go to their website to see everything for free. You can also get a quotation for what you would like to know and what you need for your dental treatment. Dr. Roland Zhuka’s clinic makes it easier for you to make a well-informed decision about dental implants.

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