What They Don’t Tell You About Dental Implants?

Though your teeth are supposed to last for life, sometimes things go south, when you least expect it. Millions of people around the world have lost at least one tooth. Nevertheless, the good news is right around the corner, and you do not have to live with vacancies in your smile for the remainder of your life. 

It doesn’t matter if you are missing one tooth, a set of teeth, or all your teeth completely, dental implants in Albania can aid you in transforming your smile while still maintaining the remaining teeth safe and healthy. Here is all you need to know about the gold standard for replacing any missing tooth with dental implants.

Patient dental x-ray for dental implants

Who Are Ideal Candidates For Dental Implants?

There are no perfect candidates for dental implants. Yet, patients who have the intention of getting dental implants must at least have three fundamental qualities. They are:

Adequate Bone Density

Dental implants aren’t solely about replacing missing teeth. They are also about the underlying jawbone and its capability to keep implants secured. The implant placement procedure continues only if the jawbone is dense enough to hold and integrate the titanium screw. Regrettably, if there isn’t sufficient jawbone density, you must first undergo bone grafting to get back sufficient bone for the procedure.

Gum Health

If you have unhealthy gums or you are displaying indications of periodontal disease, you might not be an eligible candidate for dental implants. You must carefully prepare yourself to undergo extensive treatment like root planning and scaling or even laser gum therapy to enhance gum health prior to receiving dental implants.

Physical Health

Additional health factors can impede you from undergoing a dental implant procedure. Certain risk factors may impede you from receiving complete-mouth dental implants seeing as they have the possibility to fall. Excessive smokers, pregnant women, children, and people who suffer from chronic medical conditions and are taking steroids might not be optimal for dental implants. Luckily, if there is a chance for you to alter your lifestyle habits to make dental implants an alternative, you can track down oral health with dental implants.

Dental implant care

Dental Implant Care Tips

Since dental implants aren’t part of your natural teeth, they are not vulnerable to cavities or tooth decay. Yet, this doesn’t mean in any way that you have to get rid of your toothbrush.

Your dental implants are just as healthy as the gum tissue around them is. Nevertheless, when neglecting brushing or flossing, the gathering of the bacteria can cause gum infection, damaging the implants. This condition is known medically as peri-implantitis, which leads to bone-supporting implant loss. If this condition is left untreated, it can also lead to implant failure. 

Taking care of your dental implants is swift, quick, and efficacious, especially if you floss and brush daily in order to get rid of bacteria. Use an antibacterial mouthwash to reach all the regions in your mouth that your floss or brush can’t reach, or you can always employ interdental brushes, which help in the plaque removal from around the implants.

The Parts Of A Dental Implant

Dental implants are specifically designed to look and feel like natural teeth, despite being artificial teeth. They fit amazingly in your mouth. They are composed of three different parts that are combined and work together. Those parts are the titanium screw, the abutment, and the crown.

The titanium screw is inserted deep down into the gum tissue and enabled to fuse with the jawbone in about three to six months with the sole aim of replacing the missing tooth roots. The healing process, namely the osseointegration, assists the implant to reinforce a solid foundation to remain for a long while in the mouth.

The abutment, on the other hand, is connected to the titanium screw, while the tailor-made dental crown is mounted on the abutment. Of all three parts, the titanium screw is the one portion that stays with you for life. While, the dental crown and the abutment are constantly exposed to the pressure of chewing and can be damaged and need replacing over time, meaning you will be required to undergo further tooth implant procedures to achieve the natural-looking artificial tooth in your mouth.

Patients enjoying the benefits of dental implants

Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants provide patients with many advantages, and some of the most important ones are mentioned below for your reference.

In case you are missing a tooth, the loss can impact chewing and speaking. Implants have the functionality of natural teeth allowing you to chew and talk without any worry. Seeing as the implants are permanently and firmly integrated with the jawbone and are not likely to slip or shift, you can rely on them just like you do on your natural teeth.

Alongside the fact that they help you replace the missing teeth for aesthetic purposes, the replacements aid in stimulating and strengthening the underlying jawbone. Dental implants act as a replacement for your tooth root to keep on stimulating the jawbone and help impede the jawbone resorption over time.

Tooth loss, of course, makes you susceptible to an incomplete smile. Doesn’t matter if you lose your bottom molars or your front tooth, you will become self-conscious when talking or smiling. Luckily, dental implants replace the missing teeth and restore your full smile. Since they appear to be natural and quite realistic, nobody will be able to tell that you have issues with tooth loss.

If you are looking for an enduring alternative to replace missing teeth, Dr. Roland Zhuka can provide single-tooth and full-mouth dental implants. Do not hesitate but schedule an appointment today and get the replacement teeth as feasible as possible.

8 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Dental Implants

If you are considering undergoing dental implants, you will most likely want to ensure that you are making the right investment and that your investment is going toward a treatment that will offer you outstanding outcomes. The majority of people are well aware that dental implants aid in replacing the tooth root when you lose a tooth and offer a solid basis for dental bridges, dental crowns, or dentures. Yet, apart from that, the majority of people are unaware of lots of things regarding dental implants. The following are eight new things to know about dental implants.

They Prevent Bone Loss

Following a tooth loss, not only your smile is affected. So is your jawbone. Whenever the jaw bone no longer has a tooth to attach to, the bone no longer serves a purpose. With time, the bone will disappear which can impact the facial appearance and even lead to the remaining teeth shifting in the mouth. Whenever deciding to get dental implants, they will aid in stimulating the bone in the jaw. Rather than disappearing, the bone will retain itself. Consequently, there will be no need to deal with any bite changes or appearance that normally come with tooth loss.

Dental implant osseintegration

Implants Fuse Together with Bone

Most people recognize the fact that implant surgery involves the placement of the dental implant in the jaw bone. Yet, the majority of people do not comprehend that the reason why dental implants impede bone loss is that they fuse with the bone together. When the implant gets inserted, it contributes to bone growth. The bone then grows surrounding the implant and fuses together. The fusion is the one that keeps the dental implant and tooth replacement safe and solid like natural teeth for biting, talking, chewing, and smiling. The fusion between the titanium implant and the bone can turn the mouth into much stronger than before.

Implants Look Natural

In the event that you are preoccupied with the fact that your dental implants do not look natural- do not. Dental implants are not visible unless placed in an improper position. Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about if you choose Dr. Roland Zhuka as your implantologist. Once the dental implants are placed, you will be able to pick a tooth replacement option such as bridges, dentures, or dental crowns. Certain tooth replacements can seem quite unnatural if you go through a budget alternative. When visiting Dr. Roland Zhuka for your dental implants and tooth replacement, he will design your tooth replacement’s color, shape, and size in accordance with your face and look natural.

Patient with dental implants that look natural

You Don’t Need to Replace Healthy Teeth

To get dental implants there is no need to have all your teeth pulled. Dr. Roland Zhuka can replace both, single and multiple teeth, with dental implants. Throughout a consultation with him, he will let you know about the number of dental implants needed to replace your teeth and he will discuss the various tooth replacement alternatives you can pick from. If you are missing almost all your teeth and their future doesn’t look that bright, Dr. Roland Zhuka might suggest having those teeth pulled so you can replace your entire mouth with dentures. Ultimately, nonetheless, if your teeth are functional and healthy, there is no requirement for them to be pulled for dental implants.

You Might Need Repairs Down the Line

Even though the process of taking care of dental implants is identical to that of natural teeth, they might still require repairs down the line. Certain patients may even necessitate them at some point. Nothing is certain in the dental implant world. Scheduling regular follow-up visits with us can, of course, aid us in catching dental implant issues early so that small issues do not turn into bigger ones. This can stop you from having to completely replace your implant in the near future.

They’re Long-Lasting

Though we just mentioned that there is a chance of having to replace a dental implant at a certain juncture, that isn’t always the case. There is an average lifespan of dental implants of about 20 years and with the proper care, some patients can keep their implants for the remainder of their lives. Even though dental implants tend to cost a lot upfront, their endurance is undoubtedly worth it.

They’re Stronger Than Natural Teeth

Researchers, featured in the Official Journal Of The Academy Of Osseointegration, believe that a few dental implants are more secure and solid than natural teeth. Despite this not being proven yet, it is a well-known fact that an entire jaw of teeth can be replaced with as little as four implants.

Dental Implants Are More Affordable Than What Most Think

The very last thing you probably are unaware of regarding dental implants is their affordability. The majority of people believe that it will cost more than a fresh car to replace their missing teeth with dental implants. So not the case. The upfront cost of dental implants might seem expensive when compared to dentures, but after all the costs have been configured, those related to dentures such as adhesives, replacements every 10 years, cleaners, and checkups, the cost of dental implants is quite similar, but do keep in mind that they offer benefits you will never find with dentures.

Patient enjoying the functionality of dental implants


From what you can see, just like us, dental implants can be a great solution for people who are missing one or more teeth. They are much more solid than dentures and endure a long time if taken care of properly. If you are thinking of getting dental implants, do keep in mind to have a consultation with a qualified dentist in order to decide whether they are the right one for you or not.

Get A Dental Implant At Dr. Roland Zhuka’s Clinic

Dental implants provide a wide range of advantages, starting with an enhanced appearance and self-esteem and ending with better oral health. They are a reliable, enduring solution for tooth loss that can enhance the quality of your life.

If you are feeling ready to explore the advantages of dental implants for yourself do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Roland Zhuka, today. Begin by giving us a call at +355 69 70 44 409 or fill out our “Get In Touch” form to schedule an appointment online.

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